A New Hope

We have tried so many ways of growing our family. Natural fertility methods, infertility treatments, herbs, medications… all to no avail. Our road through infertility was rather brutal, especially because the hormones extremely affected my personality and mood. During this time we went through 2 devastating miscarriages. So, we prayerfully came to decision that we wanted to adopt. After a year on the LDS adoption website and a ton of networking, we decided not to renew our homestudy. We had no interest from any birthmothers. I started to believe that maybe God wanted us to be content being a family of three. Then, through some friends of ours, a young woman reached out to us. She was pregnant and wanted us to adopt her baby. We were thrilled. It was early in the pregnancy, so we didn’t want to get too excited. We waited until 3 months before the due date to start buying all the little girl stuff (we found out she was having a girl). A month before the due date, everything fell apart. This loss was almost as terrible as the miscarriages. Almost. We were defeated. Never again, we said. I think we all came to a point a year later that we were content being a family of 3. We still are.

Lately, however, Sean and I have felt a calling… a stirring in our hearts, to become foster parents. There are so many kids that need a safe place and a loving family to be theirs, whether it is just a day, a week, a month, a year, or forever. So for the past 8 weeks every Tuesday evening we have been attending foster care classes. This Tuesday is our last class. After that we will have home inspections and more of our favorite thing (paperwork ha ha ha).

We hope to be able to help many children to have a safe and loving place to stay for however long they need. We are excited for this new adventure in our lives.