It Is Coming Along

Both Jenn and I have been really motivated lately to get everything done so we can go on to the next step of this adoption process. It is something that we have thought about in the past, but never really followed through with. What do I think the difference is? I kind of think that this is the right time to do this and that the child or children that were meant to be a part of our family are now waiting for us to get everything done so they can come into our home and family.

We were really motivated about 13 years ago when our daughter Micki was in foster care after being removed from her birth mother’s care. We wrote to the judge that was over her case deciding about terminating the parental rights of her birth parents to tell him that if it he made the decision to terminate parental rights that we would be willing to be Micki’s parents. We were motivated then because we believed (and still do) that Micki was meant to be our daughter.

Both of us really feel the Lord’s influence in our decision to adopt. It is awesome to feel the Spirit’s guidance.

We Begin Our Journey

Well, yesterday we officially began our journey on the road to adding a member to our family through adoption. We met with our case manager at LDS Family Services. We had a nice drive out to Frederick, MD (about an hour and a half drive from our home). Micki wanted to listen to High School Musical 2 . . .  twice.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive.

Our case worker gave us a new stack of paperwork to fill out including getting our fingerprints done for our criminal background checks. One of the things that she suggested is to get the word out to everyone that we want to adopt so we went with that and have created this blog to share our story and journey with anyone who will listen.

Right now our family consists of Sean, Jenn, Micki and our dog Zoey. We enjoy spending time together going for bike riding, camping in our pop up camper and laughing. Monday night is always pizza night at our house and if the weather is nice we walk to the pizza place to pick it up. Actually we love to walk everywhere together.

If you or someone you know are considering placing your child with an adoptive family please keep us in mind. We are ready for anything that the Lord has in store for us.