Family Walks

One of the things we love to do as a family is to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We have a great area to do this with sidewalks everywhere. We love to say hi to the people that we meet and wish more people would come out of their houses and walk around the neighborhood.

While we are out we do have one problem and that is when there is a puddle. Our daughter Micki will go out of her way to walk right through the puddle (she loves water). On the other hand our dog Zoey hates getting wet and will go out of her way to not have to walk anywhere near a puddle. So we have to try to avoid them for two completely oppisite reasons. Makes for a fun walk though.

While we are out on our walks we like to talk about our days and about the future or just enjoy being together.

Adoption process update

We are only waiting on one document before we can go on to the home study.

League of Dreams

One of the programs that we are involved with is League of Dreams. It is a program in the Baltimore area for kids who would not normally be able to participate in a typical baseball program. It was started by Frank Kolarek a former minor league baseball player. He started the program because he saw kids who were not as physically able to participate as their typical peers. He wanted to have a baseball program where any child can participate. There are kids with all ability ranges participating.

This is our second year being involved. Micki enjoys going out with other kids and playing. It takes a lot of work, but she really enjoys the praise that she gets from the coaches.

Here is some video that I took at one of our recent practices.

We are going to our first FSA event next Saturday a picnic. Hopefully we will have good weather.