Adoption and Micki (Our Daughter)

Almost tweleve years ago our family was blessed to have our daughter Michaela (or Micki as we affectionately call her) come into our home. A little over a year and a half later we were blessed to make it official when we went to the court house to go before a judge and have him sign the adoption certificate. Micki unofficially signed it with her Cheetos fingers. A couple months later we experienced an even greater blessing to go to the Denver Colorado Temple to have her sealed to us for eternity. (For more on our belief about eternal families you can go here and here)

If you have read on Micki’s profile you know that she has some special needs. The majority of her needs go to her lack of communication (which is one thing we are really working on). We believe that she understands most of what is said to her so we take that assumtion and talk to her like she understands what we are telling her. If we think she is not getting what is being said we help her to learn.

When it comes to her knowledge about adoption we tell her about her birth parents and how they loved her so much and how they made wrong choices by taking bad medicine that made them sick. We talk to her about her daddy Brian and mommy Patty and what they are doing better in their lives now. (She sees her daddy Brian a couple times a year, but she has not seen her mommy Patty in a long time which we wish could change).

We also talk to her a lot about when our lives will be blessed through adoption again. We tell her what an awesome big sister she will be and how she can be a big help to mommy and daddy. We also tell her how we will get to go back to the temple and have our new family member sealed to us.

We look forward to the time when the Lord will bless us with a new family member and we can have the joys that adoption will bring our life.

The Nursery

We decided to take a leap of faith and prepare the nursery for whatever God has in store for us. We had looked at brand new furniture, and boy is it pricey. So we pulled up our favorite website for buying used furniture CraigsList. One of the first entries was for a crib and dresser/changing table combo. When we called to check on it they were only a few miles away. We made arrangements to go take a look.

We took a look and loved it and it was a really good price. In talking to the previous owners they had purchased it for their son when they adopted him from Guatemala. So we purchased it and brought it home. It looks so nice. The crib converts to a toddler bed and a full size bed so it is perfect for which ever child our lives are blessed with.

Jenn has decided to paint a mural above the crib to match the bedding set that we picked up.

Here are some pictures.

The crib

Comfy Chair
















The dresser

Now it is just waiting for a child to come and make it their room.

I tried to take a picture of the drawing on the wall that will become the mural, but it does not show very well. I will post pictures when it is complete.


League of Dreams Finale

We have had such beautiful afternoons we can’t help, but be outside. We decided to go for another hike on a different trail in the same state park that we hiked in yesterday. Micki is usually a little hesitant when she is on uneven ground, but she seems to be getting a little better with our little hikes. This hike was about a mile and a half round trip. It was wonderful to be in God’s creations.

This evening we also had the last session of the baseball program called League of Dreams. It is a program started by Frank Kolarek for kids with special needs and their siblings to play baseball. Most weeks they start with practicing throwing and catching, hitting and running. Then they divide the kids up into two teams and play a “game”. Everyone gets a chance to hit each inning then run the bases. They help all the kids to feel special and encourage them to do their best. All the kids got shirts and hats.

Today’s session was a combination of three different groups in the area as a kind of final game with everyone. There was rain in the forecast so not a lot of the kids showed up. It was at the Ripken Baseball Complex where the Cal Ripken World Series is going on. We got started.with practicing throwing and catching.


Unfortunately they said that there was a severe thunderstorm 8 miles away headed in our direction. They had everyone head over to the the hotel that was close by and we would see what happened. We got into the lobby of the hotel and got settled. A little while later the deluge began. It poured down rain for about a half an hour. They decided to call it a day and order pizza.

It is a wonderful program and Micki seems to have fun and that is the whole point. We love just letting Micki try new things. We are looking forward to playing again next year.

Hiking in the State Park

I got off work a little early today so we decided to go for a hike in the state park just a few miles from our home. It was such a beautiful afternoon. It was a little on the hot side, but once we got on the trail under the trees it was wonderful.

The trail we were on went along a river.

There were a lot of interesting trees.


There was one that was eroded out at the bottom. We decided to stop and take pictures of each other there.


We saw a few small animals (a few fish, a lizzard, and a small frog) They were too small to take a picture of.

Micki did really good up until there was a stream we had to cross. She does not do real good when it is rocky so we decided it was time to turn around and head back. On our way back we saw some other trails that we want to explore next time we go out. We had a lot of fun and just after we made it back home a thunderstorm started to roll in. Fun family times.

Movie Review – A Shine of Rainbows

Ok I know this is a blog about our adoption journey. So why am I writing a post with a movie review. There is a connection. I promise.

We love to watch movies in our house. Between Redbox and Netflix we are able to see quite a few pretty good movies.

Yesterday we stopped by the Redbox kiosk to see if there was anything interesting. There wasn’t much, but we came across a movie caled A Shine of Rainbows (IMDB link). It is a movie about a boy that was adopted from an orphanage. He has a difficult time being accepted by others except for his adoptive mother who helps him to overcome everything and believe in himself. I won’t tell any more because I hate it when plot summaries ruin the movie. I will say though that it is a beautiful movie set in Ireland. It is very well acted. If you do watch it have a box of tissues handy because you will need it. It is definitely worth seeing.

We rented A Shine of Rainbows from Redbox, Netflix (streaming and disc), and Amazon Instant Video.

Here is the trailer: