One More Way You Can Help

We appreciate everyone’s help in getting the word out about our desire to adopt. For those that have volunteered to take some of our pass along cards and give them out we thank you. (If you haven’t told us you would be willing to do this, but are willing just let us know and we can get some to you)

Now for a new way to help. If you have a blog or a website and would be willing to place a button on your site here you go.

Help us complete our family through adoption

You can get the code for the above button in the text area above. Just copy and paste it into your site. It will look like the button above.

Most importantly please continue to pray for us. That is what is needed most. We know our family will be added to in the Lord’s time.

Nursery Mural Complete

One of the things that I really love about my wife is how talented she is when it comes to things creative. It is one of the things that I am not very good at so this is one way that we complement each other as a couple.

After we got the crib and found a really cute crib bedding set it inspired my wife to want to do a mural. (Actually she has been wanting to do a mural or two in the house for a while now.)

Jenn was going to scan the drawing she did of the mural into the computer and then print it on a transparency. She has a friend that has a overhead projector we could borrow and project it on the wall. When we went to purchase some transparencies that we could run through the printer our jaws hit the floor. It was about $40 for a small box. There had to be a less expensive way to do this.

We found a computer projector we could borrow and just projected the scanned image on the wall and then trace it on the wall. Well here is how it turned out.



She did a really good job of bringing in the elements of the quilt. I love her for her creativity and desire to make things nice in our home.