Micki and Saying Hello

Micki and Daddy sitting on a bench in Louisville, Kentucky

Saying hello to someone is such a small thing, but to some people it means so much. This is especially true of Micki and others that have special needs.

Whenever we go to an activity at Micki’s school all of the staff and quite a few of the other students (and former students) always will say hello to Micki. She loves it so much even though she can’t express it verbally. She does get a big smile on her face and she will always have a great time.

It is also true at church. Micki has some special friends at church that always come up to her and give her just a few minutes of their time. It is so appreciated by Micki (Jenn and me too).

It is such a small thing, but for some people it is so big. So if you have some special spirits in your life (your church, your neighborhood, or anywhere) stop for a moment and recognize who they are and just say hello. It will make a difference in their day and in their life.

Long Time No Post

Okay so it has been three months since we last posted on our blog. The main thing we have been doing adoption wise is we have sent inquiries about some sibling groups that are in foster care. There are quite a few websites out there that have photolistings of children that are in foster care that are looking for forever families.

Nothing has come of any of the inquiries that we have sent out even though we felt really good about one particular sibling group. We only wanted what was best for them. They really loved the foster home they were in and at first the foster parents did not think that they could take all of them. It turned out that they fell in love with them and are probably on their way through the waiting period to adopt them.

We are ready for whatever God has in store for it is just difficult to be patient.