Micki and Saying Hello

Micki and Daddy sitting on a bench in Louisville, Kentucky

Saying hello to someone is such a small thing, but to some people it means so much. This is especially true of Micki and others that have special needs.

Whenever we go to an activity at Micki’s school all of the staff and quite a few of the other students (and former students) always will say hello to Micki. She loves it so much even though she can’t express it verbally. She does get a big smile on her face and she will always have a great time.

It is also true at church. Micki has some special friends at church that always come up to her and give her just a few minutes of their time. It is so appreciated by Micki (Jenn and me too).

It is such a small thing, but for some people it is so big. So if you have some special spirits in your life (your church, your neighborhood, or anywhere) stop for a moment and recognize who they are and just say hello. It will make a difference in their day and in their life.

Pumpkin Patch Time

Yesterday we continued our fairly new tradition. We took a trip to a local farm for a hay ride and pick some pumpkins right from the field.

This year we went to Brad’s Produce.They have a nice size farm with all sorts of fruits and veggies available. We headed out and waited a little while to hop on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

Hay Ride at Brad's Produce

Micki loves the bumpy ride and had a smile the whole way there and back. When we got out to the patch we saw lots of beautiful pumpkins. Jenn wanted to find a regular pumpkin shape with lots of warts. I liked the green (under ripe) one because they are different. Micki walked around a lot and finally just before we got in line to get on the hay ride back to the barn to pay for our finds she found a white pumpkin.

We are going to carve our pumpkins for Family Home Evening tomorrow. And use them for the Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat at church on Wednesday and then use them for Halloween. Unfortunately we do not get that many trick or treaters in our neighborhood, but we will have fun anyway.

Family Walks

One of the things we love to do as a family is to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We have a great area to do this with sidewalks everywhere. We love to say hi to the people that we meet and wish more people would come out of their houses and walk around the neighborhood.

While we are out we do have one problem and that is when there is a puddle. Our daughter Micki will go out of her way to walk right through the puddle (she loves water). On the other hand our dog Zoey hates getting wet and will go out of her way to not have to walk anywhere near a puddle. So we have to try to avoid them for two completely oppisite reasons. Makes for a fun walk though.

While we are out on our walks we like to talk about our days and about the future or just enjoy being together.

Adoption process update

We are only waiting on one document before we can go on to the home study.